Amex Centurion Lounge - Arlanda, Sweden

Erik Andersson designs a new American Express VIP Lounge at Arlanda International Airport

The American Express Lounge by Pontus is nominated for the World Travel Awards International Travel Awards in Europe's leading Airport Lounge category. It is an annual recurring event that strives to pay attention to, reward and pay tribute to the absolute foremost in the travel, tourism and service sectors.

The Lounge welcomes American Express Platinum and Centurion Cardholders to come in, relax, and indulge in a generous selection of savory food and drinks from the Brasserie menu and well-stocked wine cellar. The lounge features a refined atmosphere as well as outstanding views of the runways below. The new flagship lounge have been designed by Swedish architect Erik Andersson.

For the American Express Lounge by Pontus at Arlanda airport in Stockholm, we started by looking at the needs of the modern traveller. How can we create a luxury experience? Instead of a hard concrete floor we have a dark blue carpet. Instead of hard wooden chairs we have custom made cushioned leather sofas. The wall arrangements are made to create privacy for the cardmembers. Every seating has its own electrical outlet to charge the passengers mobile or laptop.

The colour scheme is based on the American Express Cards, black blue and gray. The kitchen top is made of marble. The details of the custom designed cabinets have the dimensions of an AMEX card. Even the thickness of the tables relates to the size of the card.

Our concept is to create a comfortable, friction-free, warm atmosphere, soft and calm place for the passengers. The space is hosted by the Pontus in the Air staff.