Bridge Apatê

One of the first bridges in the world to be constructed entirely from stainless steel, Bridge Apatê overlooks the refurbished area of Hammarby Sjöstad in Stockholm. The winning entry of an invited international competition, the bridge went on to not only receive a financial grant from the City of Stockholm due to its exemplary sustainability characteristics, but also to win the Swedish Steel Design Prize 2003 as the most innovative steel construction in Sweden. The bridge’s highly asymmetric section draws attention to its pioneering structural profile: a horisontal expression that mirrors that of the Bridge Sundsvall project. Collaboration with Jelena Mijanovic, Magnus Ståhl, Tyréns, Scandiaconsult, and Stålmonteringar AB Stålab. Bridge Apatê has won the Swedish Steel Prize 2003, won the European Steel Award 2003 and was a finalist for the 2002 Blueprint Architecture Awards 2002 in the category Best New Public Building.

Projectname: Bridge Apatê

Type: Pedestrian bridge

Location: Stockholm, Sweden

Status: Completed

Client: City of Stockholm

Architect: Erik Andersson Architects, Jelena Mijanovic, Magnus Ståhl Arkitekter

Collaborators: Tyréns, Scandikonsult (Ramböll), Stålab

Budget: EUR 2 million

Size: 70m. 125 tonnes

Photos: Åke E-son Lindman