Bridge over Tullhusparken

Erik Andersson and White wins invited competition (parallel assignments) to develop the Tullhusparken in Stockholm. Starting this fall, White will work with Tullhusplatsen and Östra Hagastaden in Stockholm together with Erik Andersson and Structor. The project was won after parallel assignments where three teams participated (Level / Rundqvist, Landskapslaget and White together with Erik Andersson and Structor AB).In the review, the proposals is described as robust and flexible with a strong formality. We have been working to strengthen the links between the National City Park and the city as well as to create a place that addresses the historical use of the site. Tullhusplatsen is and has long been the northern entrance to the city. Now Stockholm and Solna grow together, and Tullhusplatsen becomes part of the city instead of a place outside it.We see Tullhusplatsen as a vibrant place where many pass by with different means of transportation. But it will also be an important place for activity and stay. We deal with environmental challenges through noise reduction measures and the treatment of water that allows for purification and will benefit the vegetation in place. A bridge with a light and elegant expression connects the same neighborhoods in the east-west direction, while creating a new location with views towards Brunnsviken and towards the city. We look forward to developing the proposal together with the city's project organization and continuing to work in a joint and committed team in the coming years.