”The entire exhibition works with and in the subconscious. Our culture flatly denies any deeper contact with our subconscious, with intuition and children’s play, certain aspects of which have been forbidden as they have been deemed cruel or immoral. Children today often grow up with norms and expectations of a kind that frighten them and leave them only half a person since they aren’t allowed to keep both their angels and their demons, or get a chance to be themselves on their own terms. Everything in the mind has to be allowed to move freely, and it is precisely when part of its contents are censored that the disturbances begin. I feel that many conflicts and incidents of exploitation are born out of a strictly controlled subconscious. When we instead feel secure having all facets of ourselves flowing freely, this part of ourselves becomes an inexhaustible source of ideas and impulses”

The artist Ulf Rollof interviewed by Critic Anders Olofsson, in the catalogue UNDER 2008


H 503xW320xD 1267 cm

Polyester, fibreglass, zinc, rubber and steel

Artist Ulf Rollog

Architect Erik Andersson

Structural Engineer Håkan Persson

3D model Shane Schneck

Production Lars Hammarström and Love Hansson

Photo Åke E:son Lindman